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Your Zahnarzt Hamburg, Hansezahn, greets you with nine contemporary treatment rooms and an on-site dental lab. The most ideal conditions for optimal aesthetics, painlessness, time savings, and a stress-free dental appointment are provided by the most advanced technology for precise and gentle diagnostic and treatment alternatives. You are in excellent hands at our Zahnarzt Wandsbek, whether you wish to maintain your oral health, are in pain, or require a denture. Our services include the following:



It’s not always feasible to maintain your natural teeth for life. You don’t have to give up your happy, healthy grin, though. A top-notch denture restores your wellbeing and quality of life. We use cutting-edge technology and materials in our Zahnarzt Hamburg. At Hansezahn, you may acquire a Ästhetischer Zahnersatz that fits you, whether you need a crown, bridge, or Implantat Hamburg



Do you grind your teeth at night? Do you frequently get neck and back pain, face agony, or headaches? Do you experience vertigo or ringing in the ears? There are millions of people who experience dental functional issues. One of the most prevalent and frequently undiagnosed functional diseases of the masticatory system is cranial-mandibular dysfunction (CMD). At Hansezahn in Hamburg, we take your concerns seriously and examine the jaw joint to determine the root of them. Rely on our dedicated Hamburg practice team to help you put your pain behind you for good.

Tooth care:


In the world of a Zahnarzt, losing a tooth is perhaps the worst fear that most people can conjure. We at Hansezahn make every effort to maintain your oral health over the long term because of this. With every prophylactic checkup, we provide you with insightful advice for providing proper and complete treatment at home. Unfortunately, there are situations when a tooth cannot be saved or when mishaps lead to teeth being knocked out. Fortunately, contemporary Zahnimplantat Hamburg has made it possible for dentists to restore missing teeth. After doing a thorough functional investigation of the temporomandibular joints and the surrounding tissues, craniomandibuläre dysfunktion (CMD) is treated. The use of a functional splint, often referred to as a biting splint, crunching splint, or Michigan splint, results in the upper and lower jaws being in a relaxed, neuromuscular state. These days, an intraoral scanner may be used to build each individual functional splint absolutely free of imprints.The purpose of the functional splint is to relieve neck and back pain while also reducing migraines, “teeth grinding” damage to teeth, and muscular tension. The functional splint functions as both a diagnostic and treatment tool. Further therapy may potentially be built on the functional splint.



Unknown pain? CMD Hamburg treatment may be able to assist

We can typically identify where pain comes from and assign it appropriately. We frequently know the cause of the headache, neck, or back pain—a lengthy gaming session, hours of computer work, or just not enough sleep. But what if, after a lengthy, truly calm night, your head is aching nonstop? What if your neck or back pain persists despite there being no visible cause? These incidents are not rare: Nearly every second German, according to the Society for Dental Health, Function and Aesthetics (GZFA), experiences back discomfort. Additionally, according to data, 20% of people currently have unpleasant symptoms, with startling “in the teeth” origins.

And that is why we pride ourselves at being the best Implantat Hamburg. We are professionals who will make sure that your teeth and strong and healthy we make sure that they are active and strong so that they last your whole life even with Ästhetischer Zahnersatz. Our dentists will make sure that your teeth stay Abdruckfrei.

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